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Volunteer in Serving the Masses Committed to Social Responsibility

Time:2018-06-22 08:46:02     Author:Admin

In order to give a full practice of the company tenet of NHU (Zhejiang), support public welfare and fulfill social responsibility, Teacher Liang Xinzhong, also the Deputy Secretary of the CPC of NHU Shangyu Industrial Base, led party members and young volunteers to Xinghai Village in Gaibei Town on 13th June for extending sympathy and solicitude to difficult party members by giving voluntary service of home appliance maintenance and cleaning work assumed by the young volunteers.


The company has funded the building of new countryside in Xinghai Village of Gaibei Town every year since its entering into partnership with Xinhai Village, and they two have developed a harmonious relationship for many years. This time, being accompanied by Secretary Xu, Teacher Liang visited the old party members with family difficulties and sent them electric fans. Former Secretary Ni Chuanlin (or Zhuanlin) of the Xinghai Village was also among the visited members, and Teacher Liang had a friendly conversation with the new and old secretaries. They spoke of the great changes in rural areas owing to government’s investment of over 10 million yuan in desilting central river and remolding traffic arteries, especially the huge changes in both urban and rural lives after more that four decades of implementation of the reform and opening-up policy. They all agreed to be grateful to the Party, stay true to their original will and keep in mind the mission. Teacher Liang also exhorted Secretary Ni to take good care of his health and enjoy in his old age.


At the hall of Gaibei Village Convenient Service Center, Mr. Wang Xiaodong and Mr. Gu Lixin from NHU Volunteer Team were busing repairing the small home appliances brought by villagers. As we had informed the village committee of this free service of home application maintenance a day before its starting time, so several villagers came early with their faulted small home applications for repairs, including a granny over 70s. She said “thank you” repeatedly to the repairman with the well-repaired electric cooker holding in her hands.


Under the guidance of Village Head Ni Zhangchao, a branch unit of the volunteer team went to farmer’s market of the village to carry out a cleaning up movement at surrounding passage ways. The team members picked up shucks, waste plastic bags and other rubbishes along the way and put them all in the garbage cans. According to Village Head Ni, non-native population in the villager has exceeded 3000, and they have brought a lot pressure to social order and environmental health, especially have caused difficulty in rubbish cleaning along the two sides of those passage ways as a result of a few foreign civilian workers’ poor habit of throwing out rubbish random when going to work or getting off work. The cleaning up movement by NHU volunteers has shown an onsite example of environment protection to the villagers, and has also encouraged all to form a good health habit and care for the environment. We believe this kind of activity will promote villagers to change their poor health habits.

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