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An Annual Education conference of clean governance took place in NHU ShangYu Base

Time:2018-06-04 10:30:08     Author:Admin

 In order to strictly enforce the regulations on the party committee of the group company to be self disciplined, and to strengthen education about the campaigns for clean governance as well as combat against corruptions, which are aimed to boost the image of party members as diligent public servant and create a positive environment of incorrupt governance, an annual educational conference of clean governance took place on May the 25th 2018, as scheduled and organized by the party committee for the Industrial Hub of NHU ShangYu Base.  

Attending this annual conference were over 150 people, made up of middle and above party members from the industrial hub, responsible persons for the institute of research, the branch institute of material research, and the institute of fermentation research, all project leaders, R&D staff and critical technicians for the institutes, other staff from the departments of HR, engineering, procurement, sales, facility & power, logistics, finance and tendering etc, as well as all party branch secretaries and committee members.

Police officer Li WANG, working as an instructor for the economic detection team from the Public-Security Bureau of District Shangyu, made a dedicated lecture that is themed with the cause and prevention of corporate duty crime. During the lecture he set a priority in making judicial interpretations of a range of criminalities which involve the likes of misappropriation, embazzlement, taking bribes as non-governmental staff, infringement of business secret, as well as conspiracy in tendering, all of which correspond with a case study being made. This lecture is richful in content, specifically designed, and instructive in guiding the works of scrutiny of party conduct and combat against corruption within the non-public sectors. He warned all of the attendees about the awareness of sticking to the legal red line, which requires precautions to be taken even on small matters and making the attendees more aware of the importance of incorrupt personal conduct.       

Teacher Xinzhong Liang, the deputy secretary of party committee for the Industrial Hub of NHU shangyu, specified clearly the rules for all party members and staff to stick to self discipline and exercise their power in a clean and incorrupt way. The rules requires the following points. Firstly, power must be exercised in a correct and precautionary way. Secondly, money must be made in a legitimate and ethical way. Thirdly, public scrutiny must be accepted for oneself and others. Fourthly, greed must be get rid of with self discipline. Lastly, a positive image must be maintained for a party member with clean conducts as the bottom line. 


It was expressed by everyone having taken this lecture that, the lecture raises an alarm bell for them to adapt to work being subjected to scrutiny and stick to the bottom line with due reverence.  

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