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Contract Signing of High-Quality Projects on the Enterprise Cluster, Shangyu New Materials Industry entering the fast development

Time:2017-12-20 14:38:00     Author:Admin

Source: Shaoxing Daily Reporter Fan Wenzhong

Yesterday morning, 10 experts and professors from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Industrial Development Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other universities gathered in Shangyu to discuss the development prospect of the new material industry in the Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Hangzhou Bay. This high-profile industry conference was a brainstorming of new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities for more than 60 enterprises above designated size, which pressed the “fast forward key” of the development of the regional industry for the Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Hangzhou Bay.


New materials industry gathering in Shangyu

Yesterday morning, in Shangyu Kaiyuan Mingdu Grand Hotel, Wang Zhimin (Assistant Chairman of NHU) was seriously listening to the keynote speech from Zhu Dequan (Assistant President of Tsinghua University Industrial Development Research Institute) and Chen Jianfeng (Academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Vice President in Beijing University of Chemical Technology). “It not only points out the direction of business development, but also provides us with many opportunities.” Wang Zhimin told reporters.

NHU has been stepping into and doing well in new materials by investing 5.3 billion Yuan to build NHU New Material Industrial Park, initiating the establishment of Hangzhou Bay Shangyu New Material Industry Alliance ...

In fact, Shangyu District has gathered many “fresh troops” in the field of new materials industry. Statistics show that there are more than 61 new materials industrial enterprises above designated size in Shangyu District, basic forming a industry pattern based on new battery and materials, chemical raw materials, and green new building materials. Among them, there are more than 40 new materials industrial enterprises in Hangzhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, with the output value of 16.5 billion Yuan last year, and the output value is expected to exceed 18 billion Yuan this year.

In addition to a solid industrial base in polymer new materials, electronic information materials, high-end metal materials and other fields, there are still many leaders in new materials of Shangyu District, such as Zhejiang NHU Special Materials Co., Ltd., Sinochem Blue Fluoride Material Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huangma Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and so on.

Around the new material industry cluster, Shangyu District takes five actions: vigorously developing new chemical materials, encouraging the leading dye enterprises to transform the new material fields; speeding up the cultivation of business echelon to create a number of internationally influential large enterprises and large groups; strengthening investment and promoting major projects; implementing R & D and technological innovation special operations; and promoting enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading.


A number of high-quality projects have been settled

In yesterday's meeting, eight high-quality projects signed to inject new vitality into the development of the new material industry in Shangyu District.

These projects include the strategic development project of new materials industry in Hangzhou Bay Development Zone, the new material innovation center project of Hangzhou Bay Development Zone, the project of lithium batteries innovation in Meiduhai, NHU new materials industry fund project, Hangzhou Bay Intrinsic safety and green chemical industrialization innovations research project, Kanglongda research institute cooperation project and Zhongke Hengtai research institute project.

Hangzhou Bay Development Zone new materials innovation center project cooperated by Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Bay Development Zone is undoubtedly the “Big Mac” in many projects with a total investment of more than 10 billion, including New Materials Innovation Institute, New Material Industry Incubation Pilot Platform, as well as New Material Industry Development Base, which mainly undertakes new materials industrialization projects.

After the Xinshidai Zhejiang New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. introduced Miedu Energy Co., Ltd., the newly established Zhejiang Miedu Haichuang Lithium Power Technology Co., Ltd. plans to build lithium battery materials industry chain project with a total investment of 5 billion Yuan, including the investment of 4 billion Yuan with an annual output of 50,000 tons of power lithium-ion battery cathode material projects, investment 1 billion Yuan with an annual output of 50,000 tons of power lithium battery cathode material precursors and an annual output of 80,000 tons anhydrous sodium sulfate project. After the project is put into production, it will add 20 billion Yuan of output value and realize profits and taxes of 5 billion Yuan.

It is worth mentioning that for a new material industry fund jointly set up by the Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone and the NHU Holdings Group Co., Ltd., the total planned size is 1 billion Yuan mainly for investment the new material project in Shangyu District during the initial and growing period, which  will provide strong financial support for the innovative projects of new materials in Shangyu District.

“Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone has sounded the horn to create a new material industry of billions of Yuan.” Jinshan (director of Shangyu District Committee and Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone) told reporters, “Shangyu District actively connects the construction of Da Wan District in Zhejiang Province, which is also a useful exploration for the transformation and upgrading of Hangzhou Bay New Materials Industry.”

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