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Building RMB 100 billion Industrial Cluster, Hangzhou Bay New Material Industry Alliance in Shangyu

Time:2017-12-26 14:31:55     Author:Admin

On December 19, Hangzhou Bay Shangyu New Material Industry Cooperation and Development Conference was held in Shangyu District, Shaoying City. At the conference, 40 new-material companies developed new-material industry alliance.
Currently, Zhejiang Province quickens its construction of Dawan District, Hangzhou Bay, aiming at the connection of key bay areas, promoting the in-depth development of coastal platforms, striving to develop some world-class innovative industrial clusters. Besides, Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Hangzhou Bay has huge advantages in the foundation and size of new-material industry. Currently, there are more than 40 new-material companies above state-designated scale. The development pattern focuses on new-type power battery and materials, chemical new materials and green new-type construction materials. Zhejiang NHU Special Materials Company Ltd., Sinochem Lantian Co.,Ltd., China New Era Group Coproration, Zhejiang Huangma Technology Co., Ltd. In accordance with the principle of "government guidance, business leading, market operation, cooperation and mutual assistance, and independent development", Hangzhou Bay New Materials Industry Alliance jointly organizes new material enterprises in the district to set up a new material alliance to build a comprehensive exchange platform, promote industrial technological progress and industrial structure optimizing and upgrading, achieve resource sharing, complement each other’s advantages, develop together, expand and strengthen the new material industry.

Hangzhou Bay New Materials Industry Alliance will work hard to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities and research institutes, carry out technological breakthroughs, promote the transformation of achievements, share intellectual property rights, and raise the standards of the industry. In addition, the alliance will carry out group investment activities, expand investment and cooperation, explore international and domestic markets, and promote new materials testing and other common infrastructure collaboration building or share.
As a member of the New Materials Industry Alliance, Hu Bofan (Chairman of the board of directors of Hangzhou Bay Industry Alliance and Chairman of NHU) said: "Nowadays, the establishment of New Materials Industry Alliance will provide enterprises with strong innovative support. The alliance focuses on tracking the international cutting-edge technologies for new materials, guides the development of enterprises, bring new technologies and new opportunities, and become the "booster" of enterprise transformation and upgrading. In meeting, NHU New Materials Industry Fund was put on the agenda. After the establishment, NHU will conduct open cooperation and cross-border cooperation for docking resources, experience sharing, and creating the industrial chain from the raw materials to the use with other new materials enterprises 
As an important high-end manufacturing base in the south wing of Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang Province, Shangyu District already possesses the entire industrial chain from basic chemical synthesis to material modification, back-end application and new material research and development in the state-level Hangzhou Bay Development Zone. At present, Shangyu District has gathered more than 40 new material enterprises, and a group of enterprises have also become the leading domestic and international leading enterprises in the new polymer materials, electronics information materials and high-end metal materials with a good industrial base. At the same time, Shangyu District has planned nearly 8,000 mu of land as a new material development planning land, and it is accelerating the construction of new materials industry co-innovation platform, new material innovation center and new material industry development fund to build Hangzhou Bay new material gathering area at a level of 100 billion.

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