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NHU is listed in 2017 Demonstration Enterprises of Industrial Brand Cultivation

Time:2017-12-15 14:01:56     Author:Admin

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published 2017 demonstration enterprises list of industrial brand cultivation on Dec. 5th, which is the list of the fifth batch of demonstration enterprises of industrial brand cultivation. Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd and other 44 enterprises are listed. 
It is understood that to play the role of “conducting pilot first and demonstration guiding”, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will select a group of demonstration enterprises for brand cultivation every year according to the procedure, which guides enterprises to strengthen brand awareness, improves brand cultivation ability and competitiveness, encourages enterprises to improve quality and strengthen innovation, locates differentiation market positioning accurately and produces high-quality products.  
Brand is the sign of enterprise competitiveness and independent innovation ability, is the symbol of high quality and is the concentrated expression of enterprise reputation and publicity. NHU attains demonstration enterprise for industrial brand cultivation for the first time, which encourages the company to promote enterprise development through brand building, further improve brand value and improve the contribution and driving effect of superior products for industry economic development. Based on the new starting point, the company will always adhere to the enterprise spirit of “seeking for truth, seeking for new, seeking for quality and seeking for efficiency”, improve enterprise management level through brand construction, cohere staff steam, strengthen and optimize independent brand and build up brand culture. 

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