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Chemical “biggies” gather together at NHU

Time:2017-12-15 14:45:26     Author:Admin

 “Activation and Utilization of Key Components in Air” seminar led by Ma Shengming, academician of Fudan University and Li Haoran, professor of Zhejiang University, executive deputy director of Science Department and honorary president of Company Research Institute, has been held in the lecture hall on the second floor of company headquarters on Dec. 8th. Mr. Li Ning, deputy secretary and head of Xinchang County, Hu Baifan, chairman of the company and Hu Baishan, vice chairman and president, have attended the meeting. Han Buxing, academician of Chemical Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi Zhenfeng, academician of Peking University, Xie Zaiku, academician of Sinopec, Qu Jingping, principal of East China University of Science and Technology, and other 32 experts gathered together; in which 12 of them have made reports respectively and discussed the activation and utilization of key components in air together. Over 80 company researchers and doctors participated in the seminar.


Head of the county, Li Ning’s speech

Li Ning, head of the county, introduced the economic development situation of Xinchang from three aspects of “establishing the county with industry”, “strengthening the country with innovation” and “prospering the county with ecology”. He has pointed out the great importance of this seminar and expressed that Xinchang county government will insist on practicing five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing, innovating mechanism, optimizing service, improving efficiency, creating better environment for production, learning and research cooperation as well as enterprise innovation and building up “best county for innovative ecology”. At the same time, he hoped that each expert and professor can provide more support and guidance to Xinchang. 
Chairman Hu Baifan’s speech 

In the speech, Hu Baifan made a brief introduction of himself and the company and told the development history of active pharmaceutical ingredient, flavors and spices, nutrition and new polymer materials in a familiar way. Mr. Hu said that sometimes, we do not know how to introduce New Harmony Union. NHU has various products and some people may think our enterprise is not professional. In fact, it is very simple and we are doing chemical. Our mainline is chemical and we produce a series of products with chemical platform. We need to make each product good, do well in technology and engineering equipment and make different integration for different new products; therefore, the success rate is high and the efficiency is high. Some people wonder that you are doing well in vitamin, how can you do well in new materials? We have our methods. We start from making medicine, which requires 99% recovery rate. Finally we also need to know what is the rest 1%? What side effect will this 1% bring about? We need to clarify all this. We adopt this method to do new materials, so that we can break foreign monopoly continuously. Today, it is the party of chemists, so no matter we do products or chemical industry, we will finally do chemistry. There is a saying, “chemical industry creates a good life”. In the following, we will add another sentence, “chemistry creates the future”.

Academician Ma Shengming’s speech

Academician Ma Shengming has made a speech. He mainly introduced the ideas and significance of applying nitrogen, oxygen, CO2 in the air to material synthesis after activation.


Reports made by Ma Shengming and other 12 experts

Ma Shengming (Fudan University/SIOC) “Catalytic Oxidation of Alcohol by taking Oxygen as Oxidant”
Han Buxing (Chemical Institute) “Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and its Transformation”
Xi Zhenfeng (Peking University) “Nitrogen Coordination and Activation”
Xie Zaiku (Sinopec) “Petrochemical Industry: Objective Orientation and Catalytic Preface”
Qu Jingping (East China University of Science and Technology) “Bionic Nitrogen Fixing and Synthetic Ammonia”
Jiao Ning (Peking University) “Oxygen Oxygenation and Oxidation”
Li Haoran (Zhejiang University) “Industrial Practice and Demand of Air Oxidation”
Shi Zhangjie (Fudan University) “Catalytic Conversion of Nitrogen”
Zhang Xiangping (Process Engineering Institute) “Gas Activation and Green Process in Ionic Liquid Medium”
Yang Haibo (East China Normal University) “Adsorption and Transformation of Carbon Dioxide based on Metal Organic Frame Materials (MOFs)”
Wang Xianhong (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry) “Carbon Dioxide Activated Synthetic Polymer”
Yu Dagang (Sichuan University) “Application of Carbon Dioxide in Organic Synthetic Chemistry” 

N2 and O2 are main components in the air, which account for 78% and 21% in the air respectively, while nitrogen atom and oxygen atom are important elements composing life body. Nitrogenous compounds and oxygenated compounds are also basic component units of various medicines, fertilizers, dyes and other chemicals and energy supply fuels. With the dramatic increase of world population, the demand of human beings for food, fuel and various chemical presents explosive growth. How to make full utilization of nitrogen and oxygen in the air provides ways for solving the problems of population, food, health, environment, resources and energy faced by people in the new century. Therefore, the activation of N2, O2, CO2 and other important components in the air is not only with important scientific research value, but also becomes the important challenge and breakthrough for solving food, energy, environment and other problems faced by people. NHU shoulders the enterprise mission of “innovating fine chemical industry, improving life quality” and adheres to the enterprise tenet of “creating wealth, fulfilling staffs, benefiting society”. Benefiting society is the target of NHU and is also its social responsibility. The company aims at the frontier of world technology, invites senior experts and professors of chemical circle and discusses the activation and utilization of key components in the air. This subject is not only with important scientific research value, but also with broad application prospect and important strategic significance.

The holding of this seminar promotes the communication among academicians effectively, discusses the innovation idea and research direction of future development deeply, helps to solve the key technology and bottleneck problems in activation and utilization research and industry development of key components in the air, promotes deep cooperation of production, learning and research effectively, speeding up the progress of activation technology for key components in the air as well as research and production of related products continuously, promotes innovation driven development of the company effectively, adapts to social transformation in the wave of marketization through innovation and advancing with times and makes contribution to promoting social and human progress. 

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