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Spend the Mid-Autumn Festival together in Haishang Flower Field

Time:2017-09-30 10:24:27     Author:Admin

 The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the same moment.Late  September 28th, "celebration of the Mid-Autumn, meet National Day" the Mid-Autumn festival which  hosted by the NHU Shangyu base and the Hangzhou bay Haishang flower field ceremoniously was held in the Haishang flower field scenic spot. Xu Xiaojun,deputy trade union chairman in Shangyu area,Mr.Zhou Guiyang,Secretary of the Party committee in NHU Shangyu base, and general manager,Mr.Liang Xinzhong,the base deputy party secretary, deputy general manager and trade union chairman , Mr.Lv Linjun ,the base deputy general manager, Mr.Zhao Yongfu ,the general manager of Zhejiang agriculture development large-scale sea industrial co., LTD.,Mr.Du Yuanyuan,the CFO of agriculture development large-scale sea,Mr.He chungang,the deputy general manager and other the leadership of the Hangzhou Haishang flower field attended this party.


Although the weather wasn't cooperating sometimes with a few silk-light rain, it still can not hold up against the enthusiasm of the NHU and NongFaLanHai staff.Early 6:30,the field was filled with a lot of people. Even at the beginning of the party there are many people standing on either side of the venue. At 6:38 p.m.,with music listened to,and the party is officially started in the light dance of the tea lady.Mr. Zhou Guiyang and Mr. He chungang addressed separately at the party,showed gratitude for hard work of everyone in this year and greetings and best wishes to everyone. Subsequently, with the ardent eyes of everyone,Mr.Zhou Guiyang and Mr.Du Yuan yuan took a knife to cut the super moon-cakes together. The moon-cake was shared with the presented audience by the youth beautiful beautiful etiquette components . The party set off the first climax.

The party's program was sent together by the NHU Shangyu base, Hangzhou bay Haishang flower field and Jiming new culture . Thirteen shows,including grandeur of the classical dance Half Pot of Yarn, wonderful pantomime, the spearhead The Lady Takes Command of the Young, characteristics of Shaoxing, Shaoxing opera Officer Person Is Like a Day Last Month, Shaoxing hualuo Chinese etc. came to stage one by one,which gave more than 400 staff a highly visual, audio and visual impact of cultural feast. Among them, Singing and Laughing set off the highest climax of the meeting.Whether the atmosphere, or funny, different styles of singing, all people laugh incessantly with applause and bravo.
And interluded all kinds of lottery in the process of performing,such as BoYang home textile blankets, Li Ning sports backpack, Nike sports bags, and Silk quilt worth of 888 yuan have stirred waves of small high tides while the whole venue is filled with strong festival atmosphere.

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