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Shangyu Base Won the Second Place in the Group Culture Festival

Time:2017-09-29 10:14:59     Author:Admin

On September 24th,2017,the forth annual corporate culture festival which lasted for more than four months ended successfully.Due to the leadership’s attention ,the active support of all departments and workshops, the efforts of the vast athletes and the hard work of the staff, Shangyu base got the second best score of the group.


On this festival, 12 teams which consisted of 28 branch offices and subsidiaries compete for the competition, competition events included speech contest, PingYu game, food competition, singing competition, photography, painting and calligraphy competition, etc. At the end of the track-and-field meet, Shangyu base frequently had good news and won in all weight and long-jump competition.
Additionally, in fun class collective project, material company athletes won several first prize,and also obtained good places in chess and billiards game. All athletes worked hard , laying a solid foundation for getting good grades of Shangyu base on the cultural festival. Hope that all staff in the future work and life continue to carry forward this spirit of hard working and positive enterprising and make more prominent contributions to promote “China’s NHU and Global NHU”.

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