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A group led by Du Shiyuan, the leader of Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions, came to visit the company

Time:2017-09-16 13:42:37     Author:Admin

In the afternoon of September 14th, Du Shiyuan, the party secretary and vice executive chairman of Zhejiang Province Federation of Trade Unions, and Zhang Weihua, the vice chairman of Zhejiang Province Federation of Trade Unions, under the accompany of He Xiaowei, the vice president of Xinchang County CPPCC and president of Xinchang County Federation of Trade Unions, visited and investigated the joint-stock company and received by Chen Xuecao, the vice executive chairman of company's trade union and the president of Xinchang Base and Xia Caiyun, the deputy director of the company's President Office. 


Mr. Chen Xuecao introduced the basic situation of the company to the Secretary Du Shiyuan and made a report on the trade union work of the company. Secretary Du Shiyuan was fully affirmed for the company's development and its industrial layout and made valuable comments and suggestions for the company's trade union work. He said that if the company's trade union work could be steadily proceeded to realize a stable and effective effect, the good work in uniting the mass would be conducive to the improvement of staff quality, and also the soft power of the company. Secretary Du Shiyuan hoped that the company could fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff in innovation work, especially to improve the fundamental innovation in the field of application, so that staff could add momentum to the sustainable development of the company. 

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