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To implement qualification management system to promote the common development of employees and enterprises

Time:2019-04-14 14:13:45     Author:Admin

 In order to implement the guiding ideology of "building a talented highland", upgrade the management system of new and established cadres, further strengthen the talent management and talent echelon construction, and support the strategic development of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, the joint-stock company will cooperate with Best Consulting in 2018 to promote cadre leadership and qualification management improvement , which project design has been completed currently.

To promote the full and effective implementation of the project, on April 11, the publicity and cadre management and publicity system related publicity conference was held in the headquarters of the lecture hall. Vice Chairman and President of the company, Mr. Hu Bozhen, Vice President Shi Guanqun, and above middle-level  cadres of all departments, bases, divisions, all subsidiaries are participated, and grassroots cadres, proficient and above employees were selected to participate. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Liying, Minister of Human Resources.

Mr. Xie Bing, a consultant from Best, focused on the cadre management strategy, cadre qualification standards, cadre certification management regulations, cadre selection and appointment management regulations, professional sequence qualification management system, cadre training management regulations, etc, pointed that the key to landing is the leadership's attention, the ability to correctly deal with the problems encountered in the implementation of the project, and continuous improvement.

Mr. Hu Yifan, Assistant Minister of Human Resources and Organization Development Manager, explained the 2019 qualification certification program, the cadre qualification certification procedure and the professional sequence qualification procedure, and clarified the key points for project promotion in 2019.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Hu Baishan pointed out that the company is in a period of rapid development, facing problems such as the number of cadres and insufficient competence. How to comprehensively understand cadres, better motivate and use talents, and rapidly cultivate talents is a top priority. The cadre leadership and qualification management improvement project is aimed at improving the leadership and professional competence of cadres, in line with the company's development planning requirements and future development direction, and is highly scientific and logical.
He demanded that cadres at all levels should unify their thinking, raise their awareness, and attach great importance to the promotion of the project. It is necessary to take this publicity as an opportunity to strengthen the study of the project; the cadre qualification certifying officer should carefully use the right, strictly control, and select the company for the company. Useful talents; the human resources department should do a good job in leading the work, timely communication to solve existing problems, and promote the project.



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